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Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
3 jaar
WO Bachelor

Over deze opleiding

Get to know people and their worlds

What is the experience of migrants in Amsterdam, and that of schoolchildren in a Lebanese village? What makes it so difficult for Brazilian gold diggers to integrate into society in Suriname? And why is plastic surgery among Belgian youth more popular than among Dutch youth?

The bachelor’s programme in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology at VU is the best in the Netherlands. You will explore familiar and unfamiliar worlds, far away and close to home. You will study topics such as globalization, migration, emancipation and global and local inequality, and will discover the differences and similarities between groups and societies.

Looking further as an anthropologist

Anthropology is everywhere: from your own neighbourhood to Timbuktu. The whole world is your professional domain! In the course of the programme, we deal with various themes: from religion, migration and violence, to youth and international cooperation. Expert instructors teach you to look critically at social issues.

From the VU theme Connected World, you can enrich your studies with knowledge and courses from other social sciences such as sociology, political science and organizational sciences. By completing a minor in these subjects, it is possible to meet the admission requirements for the corresponding master’s programmes.

The programme in a nutshell

The bachelor’s programme lasts three years. You will follow lectures and participate in seminars and practicals. During the lectures, the instructors provide an explanation of the professional literature. In the seminars, you start working independently: you will create assignments involving the literature, write a paper, present your own research or review a book. During the practicals, you will learn to apply social science research methods. Every year, you will conduct your own anthropological research, often on behalf of or in consultation with a social organization. During the programme, a lot of attention is paid to career orientation: you will follow lectures from professionals and receive training in skills that will be useful in your career.


Upon completion of the course you will receive a Bachelors diploma 


Future prospects

After the bachelor’s programme, you will have broad, foundational knowledge of anthropological theories, concepts and research methods, and you will know a lot about social issues and global problems. Many students choose to specialize further by following a master's programme after their bachelor's programme. Check out all of our master’s programmes which could be interesting for you at

You can also, of course, go straight into the job market. Good anthropologists are popular at home and abroad because of their critical outlook and ability to make connections. Depending on your interests and talents, you can start working as a journalist, consultant or policy officer at a governmental agency or an organization involved in development cooperation. But as an academically educated anthropologist, you will also be popular with big companies like Philips and Microsoft, where you could research consumer trends, new technologies, services and products.


Admission requirements:

Candidates with a non-Dutch pre-university school diploma:

  1. A diploma equivalent to a Dutch VWO diploma
  2. Proof of sufficient proficiency in Mathematics 
  3. Proof of sufficient proficiency in English


Tuition fee: for students of EU/EEA countries €2.060

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