Genes in Behaviour and Health (research)

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
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This master will equip you with the knowledge of the relevant research methods, needed to design and carry out high-quality research within the field of behaviour genetics and genetic epidemiology.

While the 20th century was the century of physics, we have now entered the century of the genome. Twin studies and more recently molecular genetic studies have highlighted the influence of our genetic code on our behaviour and health. To adequately understand and influence behaviour and health, we need to increase our understanding of the way our genes may play their part, by itself and in interaction with our environment. In choosing this research master you will take the first steps to become part of a new generation of talented researchers capable of contributing to the rapid spread of omics from curative medicine to wider applications in the health sciences involving prevention and care.

Opting for the research master's programme brings you into an inspiring research environment. The department of Biological Psychology is famous for its Netherlands Twin Register, an unique data repository, containing genetic and environmental information for more than 50,000 twin families, who are followed longitudinally and in addition to being taught by expert staff members, researchers from other institutes worldwide regularly visit to give lectures and workshops.




2019 instellingstarief8700 EUR2019 niet-EU/EER studenten8700 EUR2019 wettelijk tarief2083 EUR

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