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Summer Programme in European Studies

Maastricht University, In Maastricht
6 uur
6 uur

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The six-week Summer Programme in European Studies (SES) offers you a great European experience while earning credits towards your major.

Maastricht, birthplace of the European Union and situated on the border of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, is a picture perfect European town, with layers of history waiting to be discovered in its medieval city centre. Students fall in love with Maastricht's vibrant local culture and enjoy the many art and music festivals that take place throughout the summer. Centrally located in the heart of Europe, the Summer Programme in European
Studies is an ideal way for students to experience Europe inside and outside the classroom.

Travel both with CES and on your own!

Experiencing Europe is a big part of the programme. During your introduction we will travel to Amsterdam, the beautiful and cosmopolitan capital of the Netherlands. With classes four days a week, there are plenty of three-day weekends to explore Europe on your own. The SES programme even offers the opportunity to go on a study trip with a distinct European theme.
Take a short train ride to Brussels, Amsterdam, London or Paris. Catch a low-cost flight from one of seven airports around Maastricht to just about any place in Europe, including Berlin, Prague, Rome or Barcelona!




2018 instellingstarief2350 EUR2018 niet-EU/EER studenten2350 EUR
Maastricht University
Minderbroedersberg 4-6
6211 LK Maastricht

Faculteiten Maastricht University

De Universiteit Maastricht (UM) werd op 9 januari 1976 opgericht als de Rijksuniversiteit Limburg (RL), een door het rijk bekostigde instelling voor wetenschappelijk onderwijs en onderzoek. Om het internationale karakter van de universiteit te benadrukken werd in 2008 de naam...

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