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Ancient and Medieval Mediterranean Worlds

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The Master's programme Eternal Rome focuses on Rome and offers an in-depth examination both of the city of Rome and its role as the capital of the Roman Empire.

This Master's programme takes Rome as an especially captivating starting point to begin exploring wider questions in pre-modern Mediterranean history. It will provide an in-depth examination of the city of Rome within its Mediterranean context, but also of the power of the 'idea' of Rome throughout the centuries. Ancient and Medieval Mediterranean Worlds offers a unique programme covering ancient and medieval history, as well as Byzantium, the Islamic world and Western Europe in contact and conflict. Taught by a group of specialists who are internationally renowned in these fields of expertise, the programme will offer you a broad treatment of the major questions in Mediterranean history, looking at:

* Cultural identity, cultural memory and imagined communities
* Regionalism, colonialism and conquest
* Ceremony, ritual and tradition
* Economic history and trade, including numismatics
* Inter-religious contact, influence and acculturation

At the same time, the programme gives you the freedom of in-depth study through specialised courses and projects, depending on your own interests and future perspectives.




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