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Economics, Behaviour and Policy

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The Master's programme in Economics & Policy examines how people and policy makers make decisions that affect economic, societal and personal welfare, and what lessons follow for policy design.

The Economics & Policy programme addresses several main questions such as: How do people and policy makers make decisions that affect economic, societal, and personal welfare? How do we measure and define this welfare? Which lessons follow from this for policy design? These and other issues are treated by drawing on state-of-the-art developments within the discipline of economics.

This Master's track offers courses that consider cases from a European and international context to shape students' understanding of how policy affects economic behaviour and economic performance. Students are equipped with both mainstream economic methods as well as endowed with a critical attitude in line with the 'Economics Plus' perspective. They are expected to find positions in national policy making organizations, international policy bodies, and policy advisory and consulting companies.

The Master's in Economics & Policy is a specialization of the Master's programme in Economics.




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