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Accountancy and Controlling

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How can you help managers to prepare their company for the future? And how do you assure that information is useful and reliable?

The MSc Accountancy & Controlling emphasizes the importance of high quality information. In today's world, such information is crucial for all kinds of decisions. For instance, shareholders have to decide whether to continue their investment in particular companies, tax authorities must determine the amount of taxes to be paid by different organizations, and managers need to assess whether the strategy followed by their company is successful. These and other decisions have major implications for individuals, organizations and society as a whole. Therefore, they require relevant, reliable and timely information. In the MSc Accountancy & Controlling, you will learn how to design information systems which produce such information. In addition, you will learn to assess the quality of information and of information systems. Special attention will be paid to the implications of sustainability issues for information systems, opportunities and threats due to innovations in information technology, and ways to detect fraud. Many graduates of the MSc Accountancy & Controlling further specialise by following an executive master programme.




2018 instellingstarief2060 EUR2018 niet-EU/EER studenten14350 EUR2018 wettelijk tarief2060 EUR2019 instellingstarief14650 EUR2019 niet-EU/EER studenten14600 EUR2019 wettelijk tarief2083 EUR

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