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Econometrics, Operations Research and Actuarial Studies

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Would you like to learn how quantitative analysis can support and improve decision making? Then the MSc in Econometrics, Operations Research and Actuarial Studies (EORAS) is the right master for you.

**Top rated programme and best MSc EORAS in the Netherlands - Higher Education Guide Masters 2019**The MSc EORAS programme uses mathematical and statistical models to analyse problems in business consultancy, economics, finance, insurance, and related areas. In this program, we address questions such as: How will future employment ratios develop in Europe? How much influence will petrol prices have on car usage? What is the minimal route length to deliver large amounts of post parcels? How to estimate the financial risks of a new insurance product? The central aspect of all these questions is to support a decision-making process with quantitative models and data. In the MSc EORAS programme, you will learn how to make relevant models, design and implement computer algorithms to carry out extensive computations. You use societal and business context to interpret and assess the results.The MSc EORAS in Groningen is split into three specialized profiles:1) Econometrics, which aims at quantifying causal relations among economic variables. The models are used for forecasting and to support policy decisions.2) Operations Research, which uses mathematical and probabilistic models to solve




2018 instellingstarief2060 EUR2018 niet-EU/EER studenten14350 EUR2018 wettelijk tarief2060 EUR2019 instellingstarief14650 EUR2019 niet-EU/EER studenten14600 EUR2019 wettelijk tarief2083 EUR

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