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The International Master in Innovative Medicine (IMIM) is a two-year master of excellence, focusing on the education of tomorrow's leading translational biomedical researchers.

Do you have the ambition to become a leading translational biomedical researcher? Do you want to receive a degree from the Top-100 Universities of Groningen, Heidelberg and Uppsala? Do you belong to the top of your class? If your answer to these questions is Yes, then the International Master in Innovative Medicine (IMIM) might be for you!The International Master in Innovative Medicine (IMIM) is a 2-year programme. As an IMIM student, you follow a tailor-made training programme at two or three EU partner universities. Additionally, you have the opportunity to do a research internship at one of IMIM's industry partners or at one of the programme's leading Latin American partner institutions.The common thread throughout IMIM is the 'From Bench to Bedside and Back' (BBB) Learning Line. BBB helps you get a full perspective on medical sciences, ranging from the underlying basic mechanisms of disease to drug design and the clinical applications of research. The strong IMIM connection with private-sector partners further ensures that you will gain important insights into non-academic perspectives on research. On top of this, you will take part in the IMIM Spring and Summer Schools, design




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