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24 uur
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Er zijn drie profielen: Biocatalysis, Biochemical Engineering en Cell Factory. Alledrie de afstudeerrichtingen of profielen hebben een science- en een technologycomponent.

The MSc programme in Life Science & Technology comes in three "flavours", each of which finds its expression in track-specific courses and in the subject of the Master's research project. Each track has a somewhat different emphasis, as described below.

The Biocatalysis track integrates enzymological, bio-organic, bio-inorganic and protein-analytical knowledge, with the aim giving students and understanding of the principles of biocatalysis. The track provides theoretical and practical guidelines with respect to the determination of structure and function of single enzymes or multiple enzymes (proteomics/MS).

Biochemical Engineering is concerned with new processes that involve cells or parts of cells, such as enzymes, where the cells or cell parts are based on sustainable feedstocks.

The Cell Factory track focuses on the design, understanding and optimisation of living cells as environmentally and economically sustainable production systems. The courses in this track present and integrate the scientific knowledge needed to use cells (including microbial cells) and communities for the production of valuable components, ranging from food ingredients to fuels.



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