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Classics and Ancient Civilisations: Classics

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The Master's in Classics combines linguistics, literature and cultural history. Its special profiles are narratology and discourse linguistics, intertextuality and reception, and ancient thought.

As a discipline, Classics is alive and kicking. The study of the texts, literatures and material culture of ancient Greece and Rome offers a treasure trove of information. This information is of the highest interest in itself, but is also highly relevant to contempory culture. Do you consider it a challenge to nuance the image of Greco-Roman Antiquity, as well as make new links between the present and the past? If so, then the Master's in Classics is the programme for you.
The world of Greco-Roman Antiquity has many facets, which is why Classics embraces many disciplines. Students will be analysing representative primary sources much more in-depth than was the case during the Bachelor's phase. Choosing their own areas of interest, students will be introduced to scholarly debates and learn to handle the academic instruments with which to contribute to relevant discussions. In addition, students will be shown how to apply their specialist, critical knowledge of Classical Antiquity to texts and other cultural phenomena from later periods.




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