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Medicine and Human Rights in Cross-cultural Perspective

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2 uur
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This two-week winter course offers a multi-disciplinary perspective on a variety of issues in the field of medicine and human rights.

Human Rights Acts provide standards for medical care for victims of, for instance, war and torture. What is the role of culture in the application of such Acts in conflict and post-conflict situations around the world, including the Netherlands? How does intervention and prevention relate to survivors' perceptions? Caregivers and scientists are confronted with human rights, abroad and at home, when working in an asylum or a psycho-trauma center, in humanitarian NGO's such as AI and MSF, or in fieldwork and research. Power struggles generate human calamities.

Connections between health and human rights are often made by emphasizing universal values, while being reluctant to attach importance to the underlying social and cultural dynamics. In medical anthropology, this global and universal discourse is seen as problematic. Human Rights Acts are all too often rights that do not act. What are the reasons for that? The anthropological argument is that respect and righteousness presuppose an in-depth knowledge of what is at stake for the victims, perpetrators, politicians, bystanders, lawyers and doctors.



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