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How do processes of mediation influence artistic innovation? In what ways are the audio-visual arts, such as film, theatre and music, interrelated and which artistic values do they share?

What is the specific impact of audio-visual media upon individuals and culture? How do arts events contribute to our collective cultural memory, individual identity, and sense of place? And, through recent processes of globalisation, how does the transnational consolidation of the creative industries relate to the local organization, symbolic meaning, and marketing of music, film and theatre and their collective interpretation?These are some of the issues addressed by the Film, Music, Theatre/ Performing and Audio-visual Arts degree within the Arts, Culture, and Media Department for Dutch and international students who want to study the arts in an international and digitally mediated context. Because the international perspective, this innovative three-year English-language Bachelor's degree specifically highlights the prominent role of arts as interactive forms requiring multidisciplinary theoretical paradigms. To accomplish this, the programme offers both a specialization framework (Analysis and Criticism or Policy and Marketing) and in-depth study into three of the most dominant internationally mediated and interconnected artistic forms within sonic and visual cultures (Music, F




2018 instellingstarief2060 EUR2018 niet-EU/EER studenten8300 EUR2018 wettelijk tarief2060 EUR2019 instellingstarief8450 EUR2019 niet-EU/EER studenten8900 EUR2019 wettelijk tarief2083 EUR

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