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Business Analysis and Modelling

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12 uur
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The master specialisation in Business Analysis and Modeling focuses on responsible strategic decision making from an analytical and a social perspective, by applying modeling and group facilitation.

The program is specifically designed for students who are interested in initiating strategic change in organisations, supported by the use of stakeholder participation and computer simulation models. Thus, it offers a unique combination of model building and group facilitation skills. You will learn everything you need for starting a consultancy career in facilitated, strategic modeling (mostly, using system dynamics). You will know how to build formal models, how to apply them to a variety of real life problems, and how to facilitate the model building process, in a way that strategic change can be achieved and policies can be implemented.

In the specialisation, you will have classes together with students of the European Master in System Dynamics (EMSD), providing a highly international context. Graduates typically work in consultancies, planning and strategic departments, or in academia.

The Master's in Business Analysis and Modeling is a specialisation of the Master's programme in Business Administration.




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